A Guide to Forestry and Forest Conferences

Forests contribute immensely to soil nutrients and food. When people around the world destroy forest growth, they endanger their lives. They also interfere with an ecosystem which affects the lives of animals and plants. However, the forest departments in the globe have been safeguarding our forest covers over the years. There are also many seminars organized every year to help in providing solutions to the forest covers. Here are essential things you can discover about forestry and forest exhibitions.

The Forest-based Industries

In many countries, people depend on trees to produce many essential products. You’ll come across various companies that make products from trees. Without forests, it might be challenging to have these products. For instance, people need matchsticks, papers, wooden furniture, and crafted items, among others. Here are some of the industries that depend on forests:

  • Lac Industry
  • Silk Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Handicraft Sector
  • Sports Good Industry

Many people produce goods from timber. Therefore, they require either softwood or hardwood when making wooden products. People who craft things from wood depend on the tropical rain forest, the forest in Canada, and the Himalayas. Forests cover many regions, and people can quickly get wood to make goods.

Forest Safety Year 2020

A significant part of the world has forest cover. However, the forest industries and people cut trees carelessly. Tree cutting has led to a decline in the forest cover. Global leaders and forest departments meet in forest conferences to discuss and try to solve these issues. For instance, on May 20 – 21, there will be a conference organized in Rotorua, New Zealand. On 27 – 28 May, there will be another forest seminar in Melbourne, Australia. In these conferences, the following are expected to attend:

  • Forestry owners
  • Forestry managers
  • Forestry contractors
  • Forestry consultants
  • Harvest planners
  • Government representatives
  • Operators in the transport sector
  • Safety and health leaders