Forestry Industry: Technology and Safety

Forests provide a livelihood to many people around the world. People should be responsible when taking care of forest covers. Technology should be used to reduce the damage happening in forests. Many conferences held in various countries discuss the technology and safety measures applied on forest covers. Here are useful tips you need to discover about the safety and technology of the forestry industry.

The Upcoming National Forest Safety Conference

An Upcoming conference in August 2020 provides positive evidence. This seminar will indicate how forest managers and people around the world have embraced forest safety. Close to 200 forestry companies are likely to become certified contractors. The Forest Industry Safety Council is leading this process and wants to certify all the forest companies.

Under the leadership of Fiona Ewing and Chris Lindley, there has been a positive response from forest companies. They are adapting to the safety measures and ensuring that forests are protected from wildfires and other risks.

The 8th August Forest Summit at Rotorua’s Distinction Hotel

FISC will be holding summits in New Zealand and Australia in August 2020. Therefore, all stakeholders in the forestry industry are required to attend the meeting. The Forestry department has identified keynote speakers who will address the conference. People who will participate in the session will learn many things about forest safety and the technologies applied in the forestry sector.

Must-see Keynote Speakers

In the forestry summit that will be held in Rotorua, New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia in August 2020, experienced speakers will address people. Some of the must-see keynote speakers will include the following:

  • Chris Tobin – GM Sales and Marketing, Agency for drug detection in Australasia.
  • Rahul Watson Govindan – Thundermaps Group CEO.
  • Hillary Bennett – Leading Safety Director.

You need to learn and discuss forestry safety issues in these conferences. Come and learn about the new technology used in forestry in the entire world.